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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Plan B

We are still on varmint patrol (See previous post for an explanation if you don’t know what I mean by this!)  … Plan A did not work last night.    

100_2533                                        (PLAN A -  REALLY  BIG RAT TRAP)

The critter stole the bait but the trap did not snap.   :(  And this thing is so big and stout that DH was afraid he would lose a finger trying to set it!

So….. When DH went back to the seed store today to get replacement plants for the ones that were destroyed he found “Plan B”.


(PLAN B - “Have-a-Heart” small critter trap)

This ought to do it!  The question is…. Where do we dump the rat when we catch him???    PAULA,  He’s heading YOUR way, since I KNOW you don’t want us to use Plan A on him!  HAHA!!!

I’m heading North tomorrow to Bastrop, LA to retreat with my friends from the Cotton Country Quilters.  I KNOW we will have fun, and I’ll share pictures with you when I return, late this week.

Be blessed in all you do this week, and may peace reign in your hearts!


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  1. Well, if you catch the ugly little creature you can take him out to the Allen dumpster, because there he will get plenty of food. He'd starve at our house... you know, diet food and all! Good luck catching that pesky critter.

    Hoping your time away will be wonderful and productive. We'll be thinking about you and praying for you.

    Hey, thanks for all you did as you served the community. It was awesome helping all those people!

    Love you!!!


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