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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Almost There!

SHEESH!  It’s been a WEEK since my last post!  So sorry, but things are really busy right now.  I am working on finishing the quilting on my LAST customer quilt before my IQ arrives (9 more days!).  I will finish that quilt TONIGHT!

The loggers are still busy working here… just a few more days and they should be finished with it all.  This has been most interesting to watch them at work.  Tomorrow morning early I will go down with DH and watch the shearer cutting trees… that is part of the operation I have not seen yet.

Tomorrow is Grandparent’s Day at Katelyn’s school.  I was invited to come eat lunch with her at 10:30am… yep, I’m having flashbacks of all the years I taught kindergarten and we ate lunch at 10:30am.  Some days now I don’t eat BREAKFAST until that time!

I’m packing things up for the local guild’s Quilt ‘Till You Wilt on Saturday.  I will finish de-constructing some shirts, and hopefully finish cutting the pieces for my son’s quilt.  This will be his Christmas, so I must really get moving on this.

Next week will be busy finishing getting ready for IQ’s arrival.  I will lower and level Gussie Fay.  I am probably going to take the casters off her legs and put the regular feet back on… the room where she is now is too small to move her anyway.  AND if I were to move her any at all it would mean having to level her again because the room is so unlevel.  That closet will FINALLY get cleaned out, also.  The long shelf in that room will get sanded and painted.  The later part of the week will be spent cleaning the rest of the house.  Company and IQ coming means I will be cleaning like the Mr. Clean “white tornado” again.  I certainly don’t want to have to do housework once IQ gets here… I want to PLAY with HER!!

I must run and finish that quilt tonight so I can get my things packed for QTW.  We will perhaps be spending the night at the lake camp tomorrow so I need to have everything ready to leave in the MORNING.  Run, run, run… but soon, I will be a lady of leisure, sitting around eating bon-bons while the IQ stitches.  Yeh, right!


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  1. Do you need some help getting the room ready? I can paint! Or I can do anything else you may need help with...


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