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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Another Addiction…

Like I needed something else to fill my “spare” (HAHAHA!) time??

Knitting socks is my other    ONE of my other addictions.  I just can’t sit with nothing to do, and it seems I have lost my zeal for applique.  PLUS, it is hard to do needle-turn applique while riding down the bumpy LA roads.  I have a whole collection of sock yarns now, thanks to Knit Picks.  It does NOT rival my fabric collection, but give me a little more time.  Knitting is my “grab and go” project that fills those little moments of time while waiting.

Here is my latest pair….


This is Risata cotton/nylon yarn and a patterned stitch which Mary shared  with me.  I’m on the down-hill stretch.  I have finished the side heel gussets and will be knitting the foot portion of the sock.    This next part goes quickly, so these should be done within the week (IF I can pull myself away from the IQ long enough to knit).  My preferred method is “2-socks-at-one-time” on 2 circular needles.  When you are done with one, you are done with both… I like that.  No “second sock syndrome” using this method.  I tried the DPNs, and the “Magic Circle”, 2- socks at a time on one VERY long circular needle, but this method works best for me.

WHY are socks on my mind?  Because Judy L has challenged us to knit a pair in Nov.  Starting on Nov. 1 lots of folks will be knitting socks along with Judy, and many of those probably for the first time.  (I’m not sure I can wait that long to start my next pair… we’ll be going camping in a couple of weeks and I will have to have some knitting to take with me.)

I must give this little disclaimer… your first pair is a bit “testy”… it seems to take forever just getting used to the process, figuring out how to hold the needles, getting your yarn tension consistent, etc.   I started on DPNs for the first pair because that was the easiest way to learn the process of sock knitting.  The pattern I had was written for DPNs.  I still use that same pattern but have converted it for the 2-a-1-t method.  I do NOT recommend that beginners start with the 2-a-1-t method.  After the first pair on DPNs you kind of understand where you are headed and then you can go for the other methods.  OR you may decide that DPNs are just fine with you…. that is what Judy L uses and she cranks out socks like a sweat shop!

SO… I challenge YOU to join up and knit a pair in November.  BUT be forewarned… it is addicting, and like eating potato chips, you can’t do just one!  I’ll post here when Judy posts her sign-up  for the knit-along.  Any local folks that are interested and need help getting started, feel free to contact me and I’ll be glad to guide you along.

GREAT NEWS!!!  I found out last night that my IQ has shipped and will be here on Friday.  My dealer will install on Sunday, and then I will be up and running!! That means, the quilt in the machine today will be my LAST non-IQ quilt (except for those really wonky quilts I get occasionally… I don’t think I can use IQ on them when I have to be so careful not to stitch in pleats and tucks.).  SO… I did the “happy dance”, and I celebrated with a chocolate bar that was stashed back in the cabinet for some special occasion.  WOOOHOOO!!!

Be blessed today in all you set you hand too!  I’ll see you again on Monday design wall.



  1. Yeah, yeah, yeah for Friday!!! How very exciting!
    Socks! I love to knit them, wear them, pick yarn for them......I am going to try again with 2 on 2 cirs. I think I'll start with the wool ones on bigger needles. I love the color of your socks. Isn't it great that we can have so much fun with our hobbies. And that we have more than 1!!!

  2. I share your addiction. I have a huge stash of sock yarn, and I need to knit some socks for myself this winter. I prefer to use two circulars, and I agree that it takes some adjustment.

    I'll have to try your stitch pattern, as it looks great.

  3. I can hear the lilt in your voice and see the smile on your face through the miles. The day has almost finally arrived. YES!!!


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