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Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I just got an email from the IQ dealer… my installation has been delayed one more week.    : (     I knew this was a possibility, but was on a very hopeful countdown… now let’s add 7 days to that.

10 1/2 more days.  I have my fingers crossed (and Cristyn also suggested crossing my toes), my eyes crossed, I will cross ANYTHING if it brings my IQ to me on Oct. 2.   This is harder than a kid waiting for Christmas to open gifts… at least they don’t MOVE Dec. 25th on you!

The good side… (I really AM trying HARD to find the positive in this!), I won’t have to be in quite such a hurry to get everything spic and span in the quilting room, which is good.  I put the second coat of paint on the shelf  this morning, so as soon as it cures I need to vacuum up all the paint dust and then start getting things back to “normal” in the quilting room.  I will also get DH to help me lower the machine and get things back in level… a tough job!

And then, back to stitching customer quilts for one more week… I just THOUGHT I had done my last quilt without IQ!  OK… no more whining… back to work, chin up, shoulders straight, wipe that tear from your eye, missy!!  Just do it!  Git-R-Done!   How many other clichés can I come up with to stir me into action?  LOL!  And in the big scope of things, what is one more week? 

EXTREME  ANTICIPATION!!  That’s what it is!!



  1. Oh No! Sorry but at least you found the bright side You don't need to be in such a rush. Now take a deep breath and wipe your eyes. Everything will be alright!

  2. There could be another bright side!!! Maybe DE and his brother can fix the other little issue and get you leveled up by iq time!!! I hope it works for you, and if you need my help we could always get on the tele and commiserate for awhile... ha, ha. Just what you need!

  3. BUMMER! (that's the opposite of "groovy") I know you're disappointed, I would be too! In fact, I AM disappointed bcz I was looking forward to hearing all about it! Oh well...you can finish your socks.


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