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Friday, October 8, 2010

All is well…

Just a quick post to let you  know that “all is well” on the home-front.  My machine part arrived yesterday.  It took a while to get things just right on Gussie but she is now back up and running.  And then I introduced Gussie to her new friend.  They are learning how to play, and doing a nice job of it.

My books arrived yesterday afternoon and now I am only waiting for the fabric.  But that’s OK… even if the fabric were here I would not have time right now for sewing.  SOOO, when it gets here, it gets here, and in the meantime I am getting ready for camping, quilting (I am doing one more “practice” session, then I will put on a “real” quilt this afternoon.), and all the other craziness that I call my life.

I promise pictures very soon of the 2 playmates and what they have been up.



  1. This is wonderful news Kat...can't wait to see the product of your newest love!

  2. Hooray for "all is well". :)
    Have fun camping and quilting. Can't wait to see playtime pictures.


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