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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Just imagine…

Just imagine that there are pictures with this post.  I’m too lazy busy right now to deal with the camera (Now WHY do I let that little digital camera intimidate me?)

Life has been moving in a blur lately, and here is a little of what I have been up to…

We went on a camping vacation… did I take a SINGLE picture?  Nope… just enjoyed the cooler weather, beautiful leaves and the hope of catching some trout (They didn’t bite, but we had a good, relaxing time which we greatly needed.)  Heber Springs, AR is beautiful right now, and the weather was perfect for our little fall get-away.

Some close friends met us there, and we spent many hours just visiting, laughing, playing cards (Have you heard of 3-14?  Lots of fun!), and relaxing, with a little fishing thrown in on the side.

I finished the pair of socks (cotton yarn) that I have been working on for MONTHS now!  I really like them… can’t you just imagine, teal in color, a nice little design on the legs… oh well.  I PROMISE to post a picture on the NEXT blog entry.  I have already cast on the next pair using some hand-dyed wool yarn.  This time I am trying the “toes-up” method.  I’m not too sure about this… once I get past the toe increases I think I will like it OK, but for now it is WORK because I am having to THINK more since this is a new technique.

Inetta (IQ) and Gussie (Gammill Classic+) are so busy “playing” together.  I did 2 quilts yesterday… CHA-CHING!  While the girls played I pinned in a second quilt, baked cookies, prepared the lesson for church last night, and cooked supper.  I am LOVING this multi-tasking thing!

Today is another 2-quilt day, and I will work on getting the borders sewn on Boo’s quilt while IQ stitches.  I need to have that IN THE MACHINE Friday morning so I can mail it off to the lady that will be sewing the binding down.

My Katie-Bug will be visiting the farm this weekend, and we will cook and cook and play and sew and quilt… add in church on Sunday, and a possible birthday dinner for daughter Jennifer (if she doesn’t have to work) and then you can see that my weekend is filled to the brim with fun.

Must run… Gussie and Inetta are wondering where I am!  Have a really-blessed day and weekend because…

“You are blessed and highly favored of the Lord!”  (Luke 1:28)



  1. I'm glad that you had a nice visit with your friends and could go fishing/camping, too.

    Your socks sound fabulous. Where do you get your cotton yarn? Does it hold its color after repeated washings?

  2. Sounds like camping was loads of fun.
    I can't wait to see a picture of your socks. I'm starting a new pair tomorrow.


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