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Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday Design Wall; Socks

It’s that time again!  Boo’s quilt is FINISHED!!  (Except for the label, and mailing to a friend who will stitch down the binding.)

You can click to enlarge pictures of the quilt (and the socks, too).


Katie Bug picked the quilting design, set it up on the IQ and hit the “start” button.  I wish you could have seen her face when the IQ took off… she thought WE were going to have to move the machine to make the pattern.  I am amazed at how quickly young people pick up on computer stuff..  she was clicking buttons left and right, moving things around, resizing the pattern.  Her opinion, “This is REALLY COOL!”100_2751

The pattern is Tammy Finkler’s “Faster Posies” and it stitched up beautifully.   


AND… as promised, here are pictures of the socks I finished last week.  (HMMM… should have shaved before becoming a leg/foot model!)


The first picture shows the color the best.  This is “Risata” yarn from KnitPicks… a blend of cotton, superwash merino wool, polyamide, and elite elastic.  LOVE this stuff! 


I got the pattern from Mary.  These fit better than any of the other pairs I have done.


The color is not correct on the one above… taken without a flash so you could see the pattern better.

The next pair is cast on, but I am busy working on a practice swatch.   I am playing around with Continental style of knitting.  It seems to me it would be much faster.  I can do the K OK (except for that very first stitch) but the Purl is a little more challenging.  My book directions say to wrap the yarn counterclockwise, and I just can’t get a good stitch to pass through the loop doing that.  when I go CLOCKWISE, I can do it. 

So… do any of you knitters out there have advice for me on Continental style?  Especially the Purl stitch.

OH… head on over to Judy L.’s blog for more design wall Monday postings!

Now… off to quilt… without IQ.  Bulls-eye quilts (with raw, floppy edges) are not possible on IQ so I will be quilting the almost-old-fashioned way today.

Blessings to you all!



  1. Great to see you machine is working! The quilting is so cute and isn't it great when the kiddos discover something fabulous!!! Your socks are awesome.

  2. When I purl the yarn goes over the top of the needle. I guess that's counterclockwise. If you go clockwise then on the knit row you kind of knit into the back of the stitch. On the knit side look for the leading edge of your stitch, and knit into that. Clear as mud right?

  3. Children and teens pick up all things computer with such ease because they are not afraid to press buttons thinking something will go wrong.

  4. Hey Kat---I ordered those needles from KnitpicK---Let's hope it helps!

  5. Love the socks!! I need to finish my current pair.

    I agree with Charlene, kids are not afraid of the BIG RED BUTTON that will make the computer blow up LOL


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