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Monday, November 1, 2010

Decision Made



Which one should I use?  Of course I am talking about knitting socks, and now is the time.  Judy L.’s “Knit a Pair in November” sock knit-along starts today!  Grab your yarn and needles, READY, SET, KNIT!!

I have so many options, thanks to KnitPicks.com.  As you can plainly see… 10 different yarns to choose from, and I have only been collecting for a year.  I really had a hard time deciding because I love them all.

And the winner is….. drum roll, please.


This Stroll Hand-painted "Make Believe” yarn.   I have been drooling over this yarn for almost a year now.  I couldn’t WAIT to get started sooooo…

I didn’t.  I am using  just an ordinary K2P2 cuff and stockinet stitch for the main portion of the sock.  I decided the colors in the yarn will show best that way (plus I am SOOOO slow when knitting a pattern that it would take me until spring to finish this if I used a patterned stitch!)


I know… it is supposed to start Nov. 1, BUT I have to have something on my needles all the time.  This is my “grab and go” project.  And I knit so slowly I knew a month probably would not be long enough for me to finish this pair. (But I AM getting faster now that I have worked on learning to knit Continental Style.) 

TIP:  For those of you interested in learning Continental Style, Knitpicks.com has some tutorial videos on their site.  This REALLY helped me figure this out, since line drawings in books don’t show you exactly what to do with the yarn tail when trying to purl.


I don’t think I really gave myself much of a head-start… I have cast this yarn on FOUR times before things went as I wanted it to go.  The first time was “toes-up”, and I decided I was not going to use my beautiful hand-painted yarn to learn a new technique… I’ll use one of the kettle-dyed yarns and the toes-up technique on my NEXT pair.  Then I cast it on “cuff-down” and played with Continental style.  My tension was all over the place, so I ripped it out twice, did some practicing on another set of needles, and I think I finally have the hang of it, so the fourth time is the charm.


Too busy to knit much right now, but it is packed and ready to go.  The road trip this weekend will give me lots of knitting time, I hope.  And thanks to my SIL  Mary Anne and my niece Salinda, I have a neat little bag to carry it all in.  It is a pretty tight fit right now, but once I get a little more knitted everything I need fits right in this little shoulder bag, ready to grab and go.

So…. are YOU in the Knit-Along?  Why NOT? Let’s knit a pair in November!!



  1. I'm knitting along!! I started my pair last night and got 1 row knit on both. I have a Guild meeting tonight and I plan on working through the cuff while I listen and look at the quilts! :)

  2. Oh Kat, you make me smile! :) I will be finishing up the pair on the needles, almost to the toes now and then I will be joining you. I'll have lots of sit and wait time so that means lots of knitting time if I can keep my eyes open.
    I love you choice of yarn..that is going to make you some pretty fancy socks!!! Love KnitPicks!!!!

  3. Kat, you make me smile too. Happy knitting!

  4. So glad that you are knitting. Maybe one of these days............

  5. Good choice on the yarn: it will make a great pair of socks. Of course, I am partial to blue.

    It's time for me to find my sock yarn and get busy.


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