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Monday, November 15, 2010

Time Flies…

When you are having fun, or working hard.  This past week was super-busy, and I managed to quilt 5 customer quilts and sew binding /hem (by machine) 3 huge customer quilts.  Add that to my normal busy-ness, and you get the idea that I am running!

I am making some progress on my socks, working on them until 1AM this morning.  Once I get started on something like this I hate to put them down.  I was determined to get past the heel flaps.  They are not very “poseable” at the moment due to their needle positions, so I had to take shots of each sock separately.  I have completed the heel turn and PU gusset stitches on one,


and am just about to start the heel turn for the other one.  I feel like I am “home free” once I get past these gusset stitches and the decreases.


I finally finished my row-by-row "House Quilt”!   This is a Debbie Mumm pattern and is free on the internet.  (Be forewarned… contains tiny pieces!)  I love the way it turned out and may be making another one when things settle down here.  (Ignore that long-arm in the picture… no time to set up the photography stand, so I made do with the hanger in the quilting room.)


I put Legacy batting in this one.  I LOVE that stuff!  It is soft, very stable with scrim, and has a great drape to it.  The quilting does not show as well because of its thinness, but I think once it is washed and puffs up some it will show just fine.


I let IQ do an over-all design because this is a “using” quilt.  As a matter of fact, it is already in use at a friend’s house.


Do you remember the quilt I am supposed to be repairing for my friend?  Well, progress is slow, so this quilt was loaned to her until I get the flower garden quilt repaired.  She loves to curl up on the couch, covered with a quilt for her Sunday afternoon naps, so now she can do that.


Have I said I L-O-V-E this quilt??


Yep, I think another one will be in the works after Christmas rush is over.  (But I think I will probably enlarge the blocks just a little to make the quilt larger and to make piecing a little easier.)  That really means something because I almost N-E-V-E-R make the same quilt twice!


The leaves here are absolutely GORGEOUS right now!!  We have had a few nights with a very light frost and that has caused the colors to really come out.  For the next several posts I will include shots of our fall color.  I so envy those folks that live in the mountains and get an easy view of the color changes.  LA flat-lands make it more difficult to see them, but our colors are just as impressive with the evergreen pines thrown in for contrast.


So that is my “catch-up” post on a little of what has been happening here.  We will be off fishing for a few days, and I’ll give a full report when we return.

Have a really blessed week!  See you again soon!


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  1. Wow, do you ever sleep? That is an impressive list of projects.


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