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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Flower Garden Quilt

SSHHHHHH!!  Don’t tell… it’s a secret, but I know I can trust you all with it.  And BTW… this blog post actually contains some QUILTING today!  How long has it been since I posted anything QUILTY??


What’s up here?  What will I do with these babies??


I will repair a quilt for a friend!  The secret I want you to keep…

DON’T TELL ANYONE I REPAIR OLD QUILTS!!  Why?  Well first of all, it takes a LOT of time (and you can’t charge enough to really compensate you for your time spent on this when you COULD have been making money quilting instead.)  Second of all… I don’t particularly enjoy doing it because, well… I COULD be quilting instead.  Thirdly (is that a word?), you should SEE some of the things people want repaired!!  I guess they think you have a magic wand to wave over the quilt and the rips, loose seams, and disintegrated fabrics just disappear!  HAHA!  TRUST ME, it does NOT work that way!!

So why am I doing this?  Well, like I said, she is my friend.  (Now don’t all my other friends show up with quilts for me to repair… I’m using up all my repair patience on this one!)


She loves this quilt and has used it a lot.  It has deteriorated to the point that it will no longer hold up to washing unless repaired. 

I have sewn a lot of loose seams back together and 3 different flowers had fabrics that were shredding, so I tea dyed some of my Aunt Grace fabrics to use for repairs.  Actually, I used COFFEE, because I had some left over… I don’t make tea.  They now have a little aged look to them so they don’t “stick out” as having been replaced. 


You can see the subtle difference in the above photo…my hexagons have just a little tinge to them.

I had to make my own cardboard templates because these were a weird size.  I have the 3 flower rings almost done, then I will applique them down over the old ones.  That might prove tricky since the original maker did not use the more exact English Paper Piecing technique, and each hexagon is a little different in shape.  All sides of them are not exactly the same length.   I am hoping that there will be enough “give” in my flower rings to make it fit over the old ones. 

I will then do some hand quilting in them following what the previous quilter did. Yes, I DO know how to hand-quilt.  I look at this the same way I look at driving a car with a standard transmission… I know how to do it, but I sure am thankful I don’t have to any longer!!!!

So that’s my quilty post for today… I’ll try to be more quilty in the future.  And speaking of …. DON’T FORGET TO SIGN UP FOR MY GIVE-AWAY here!!  Drawing will be held on July 5th, and I only have a FEW entrants… come on, I KNOW you will love the neat prizes!

So, what am I up to today???


Nuff said!

Have a blessed day!



  1. Yes, you are a true friend to take on this repair challenge. But, it will be wonderful when you finish and I know she will begin to take better care of this beauty! Like the old song says....."love the one you are with."

  2. This is really a display of true friendship... and a gift of yourself, even if you do charge her. Geez, if your friend knew how difficult it was going to be she probably wouldn't have said anything, or, maybe she did think you have a magic wand. Ha, ha.
    One Christmas my mom gave the most extraordinary gift; she hand copied her recipes from her old recipe box. I wonder what she was thinking???
    What a blessing you are to everyone who knows you, not just your good friends. Love you!

  3. I have repaired a quilt once. that was enought. you are a good friend.


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