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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Life on the Farm

I sometimes hesitate to call our humble abode “The Farm”, because, really, there is not much farming going on… at least not in the most-often-thought-of way. We are not plowing and sowing acres and acres of crops, or running 1000 head of cattle. For sure we are in the “sticks”, living down a tiny dirt road in between 2 tiny “villages” (too small to even be classified as a town).

We call it the farm because that is what the Ellzeys have always called it. For sure, when Mr. and Mrs. Ellzey lived here THEY really did farm… veggies year-round plus a small cattle operation kept them very busy with farming activities. Ourselves, we just dabble in growing veggies, and DH is getting better and better at producing a reasonable-size crop in the 3 different garden spots. He has managed to keep the deer out of them with electric fencing. Although we are still sadly lacking any measureable rainfall, he has managed to keep things watered pretty well and it is paying off (I just don’t want to look at the next water bill.).

Today his crops have monopolized my time… this is not complaining… just saying! I am very thankful for ALL the fresh veggies and fruits we are able to grow… YUMMO! Here is what we have done today (with him picking all of these things and me doing the processing). We have spent the day turning this….100_2593

Into this…


And then this… 2 bags for the freezer and one container for supper tonight. I LOVE fresh sweet corn!


And I turned this….


Into THIS…


1 qu. chopped bell pepper, 1 pint chopped “Fooled You” peppers (they look like Jalapeño but just have a really good pepper taste… no heat), and 1 pint chopped red chili peppers. (Note to self… NEXT time wear gloves when chopping chilies… my left hand is STILL burning several hours later!)

And with his help shelling … (NOTE: DH informs me that this entry insinuates that I did some shelling... I did not shell even 1 pea... he did all the shelling, I did the processing. Happy now, Dear?)


we turned THIS…. (Ignore that foot in the picture… SHEESH! I really should take a little more time really looking at what is in the view finder!)


into THESE for the freezer. Purple hull peas are our very favorites.


No quilting or sewing done today, but that is OK because we will eat well this winter!

Have a wonderfully blessed day! And don’t forget to sign up for my blog give-away on the previous post! Drawing will be held July 5.



  1. Oh, the fruits of your labor look wonderful. What time did you say you'll be serving up tonight??

    Thanks for the giveaway nudge...I'm going to sign up now.

  2. Guess who else shelled peas today. Toph saw them at the farmers' market and had to have them. He said he already knew how to snap them because he'd snapped them at "the farm". He was a bit frustrated to learn he'd have to also shell these beans, but we put about 6 cups in the freezer tonight. Tell my uncle we're still waiting on a watermelon! ;)

  3. Looks to me like you have a farm with crops. ;) I love garden goodies for the freezer. Can't wait for ours to start producing!

  4. Those are some yummy looking veggies. You may not have gotten any quilting done, but you've had a very productive day.


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