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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

FINALLY! My Blog Give-Away!

I know you thought I had forgotten!  I won’t even bother giving you my list of excuses REASONS why I have not blogged lately.  I’m sure you all have very busy lives right now, too.  Of course, mine involves working and garden produce, plus the normal things. 

I have accumulated quite a box of goodies to give to one lucky person who enters my blog give-away.  Post a comment on THIS BLOG POSTING  answering this question:  WHAT IS YOUR VERY FAVORITE QUILTING OR SEWING GADGET?  and you will automatically be entered.

You may also get a second entry by posting about my give-away on YOUR blog. Just be sure to leave a 2nd comment here for you extra entry.  All entries will close at 8am July 5th.  The drawing will be held later that day.  GOOD LUCK TO ALL!

Now… on to the prize list:


1.  Pincushion/thread catcher ( I LOVE LOVE LOVE these!  I keep one next to my machine, and haul it with me when I go to sew somewhere else.  It is a combination large pincushion and small trash bag.  Great thing!!)


2.  Crocheted nylon pot scrubbers – I will probably have several of these ready by the time I do the drawing. (They really work great!)

3.  Quick Zip Wallet  (SOOO cute… and useful!)

4.  Rubber thimble (Great for hemming quilts!)

5.  Sewing theme emery board ( I LOVE these!  I keep one at my desk for emergency nail maintenance.)

6.  Zipper Necklace  (A dangly darling!)


7.  Singer metal sewing box and 6 Log Cabin Christmas ornaments


8.  Whatever else I come across around here to add to the collection!

I have no time for pictures today… I’ll  post some later (You’ve heard THAT before from me, haven’t you?)

Ready, Set, ENTER!!!



  1. Hey, my favorite quilting gadget is that little cutter that Debbie gave us at one of our retreats. She found it at the quilt show in Jefferson. It is perfect to use after chain quilting.

  2. My favorite quilting gadget is ~ someone else doing all the sewing ... my Mother fired me for trying. Seriously!

    Have a beautiful day ~
    TTFN~ Marydon

  3. My favorite gadget is my sewing machine. I love the needle down, the presser foot hover, the thread cutter..I just love it! Congrats on so many visitors. I blogged about it. :-)

  4. My favorite gadget is my "purple thang". It is great for guiding small pieces under the presser foot!
    Donna in NE La.
    kd maine 77 at yahoo dot com

  5. I'm loving my scissor clasp....you know the kind that hangs around our neck so we can always find our little snippers! I was recently gifted mine and haven't lost my scissors since.

  6. I don't quilt! ;) So, no fav quilting gadget, but today's favorite sewing gadget would be the ruffle foot. Tomorrow, it may be something different.

  7. Okay, Kat, I'm entering. I love reading your blog, because our former neighbors were the Tooke's from right up the road in Belmont. I feel like I'm visiting again. I miss taking my kids up there and I surely miss all the vegetables we used to get. Nothing like fresh corn and purple hull peas.
    Thanks for listening.


  8. It has to be my walking foot!

  9. My favorite sewing item is the little "thingy" that cuts the threads when you do chain piecing.

    Suzie Parker

  10. It has to be the rotary cutter.

  11. I don't know if I would call it my favourite gadget but it's probably the one I use most - my quick unpick! Where would we be without them? Regards, Christine

  12. I love my "Perfect Binding Miter" tool. It's a simple little thing, but really helps make a good binding corner. Email ID is bfiresheets at bellsouth dot net

  13. My seam ripper.

    Jennifer W.


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