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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sing Along With Me and John Denver…

(Yes, I know that is incorrect grammar, but it just fits!)

All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go.

I’m standing here outside your door……

Well, technically, almost nothing is packed but I AM working on it, between checking the computer and doing a quick load of laundry.  Where am I going?  Well to the SIL Quilt Retreat, of course!  This is our 3rd one this year, and we are calling this the “retreat to get ready for retreat” because we will all be going to TX for a quilt retreat in July.

What do I plan to work on?  There are a couple of items I want to make for the blog give-away that I will be posting about when I return.  I also want to work on a quilt to go on my bed at the camp (I can’t let Debbie get ahead of me!).  And I plan on fabric shopping at Hemphill, TX tomorrow… looking for the perfect sashing fabric for 2 different quilts.

And we will relax on the deck, drink lots of flavored coffee (I don’t get this much at home because DH does NOT like flavored coffee.), sew, sew, sew, eat, eat, eat, laugh laugh laugh, … you get the picture… it is a typical quilt retreat but only 3 of us there because that is all the room we have.

No time to post pictures today… I’ve got to go PACK!!!!  Why do I need so much stuff for 2 1/2 days of fun????  But I do… just in case I “run out” of something to do.  HAHAHA!!  Fat chance of THAT happening!

Be blessed and be sure to check back around the 15th of June for the give-away posting.  I have collected quite a basket of “goodies” and will be making several other things to add to it… you will love it!!


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