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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Blogging Comment Issue, and Farm Visitor

Is it just me, or does this happen to you, also?  I’m having a real issue with commenting to blogs.

When I try to leave a comment on any blog (and I have heard others remark they have this problem when trying to comment on my blog), the security word does not show up.  I type in my Google account, password, and hit enter.  I then get an error message, but this time the security word DOES show up… What’s up with this?  Does that bug you, also?  Any cure for this that anyone knows of?  TIA!

We have company at the farm this weekend.  Katie Bug is visiting again, and has really enjoyed a home movie and popcorn, bowling, Chinese food, 4-wheeler riding, and her most favorite, picking muscadines. 


They are just beginning to turn, and the outside critters are getting them quickly.  Perhaps we can save enough to make a small batch of jelly, but for right now we will just eat our fill.   YUM!!

IQ update:  My dealer called and my IQ install is now scheduled for Sept. 11th…   HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!  (The 10th is my BD.)

That’s it for now.  Tomorrow will be busy.  Jenn will be coming to church and lunch afterwards.  I am splurging and making chicken and dumplings, purple hull peas, okra, and fruit fluff for dessert.  (Lime flavored.  Katie Bug picked that and has already helped make it.) And while Jenn is here we have some quilting projects to work on planning.

Have a great weekend, and be blessed!


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  1. I'm glad you've voiced this problem publicly....I have the same problem and thought it was "just me." Hope someone has the answer to this nagging problem.


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