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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

We Went, We Bowled…

And I won some MONEY!!   YAAAAA!  I won 2nd place in Women’s Singles Event!!!  That “do-over” helped salvage my hurt feelings over the poor bowling of the previous weekend.  DH also may be getting some money back on team event…. we will see how many places they pay.   We think his team is in about 6th place, and mine is in 7th.  We will see when the checks come out.

OTHER NEWS:  I HAD Gussie FIXED!  She was not leaving loops!  BUT she was very hard to move while quilting, so…. I tinkered with her just a little bit more, and now she is definitely NOT fixed and I can’t get her anywhere NEAR fixed.  I’m breaking down this morning and for the first time ever in the 6 years I have owned her, I am calling the Gammill tech hot-line.  I am DESPERATE!  If I don’t get her fixed this week, next week I am throwing her in the car and heading to West Plains, Missouri with her!  Enough is enough, Gussie Fay!  Play nice!  Hopefully Jearld at Gammill will have some good advice for me today and we can get this issue solved for good.  I am NOT looking forward to a 1000 mile round trip to the factory!!

OTHER OTHER NEWS:  The garden is pretty much gone, except for okra.  We have okra coming out our ears.  Remember that picture back a couple of months ago of our okra patch?  I think EVERY ONE of those little plants survived.  They are now tall as trees and producing a bumper crop.  They are the only thing that can survive our lack of rainfall.  What are we doing with it?  Freezing a little, eating a little, and giving away a LOT! 

Also on the agenda this week is picking some more muscadines.  DH picked about a half of a gallon last week.  We need a little more to make a batch of  muscadine jelly… YUMMO!

Got to run this morning… I apologize for no-picture blogging, but it is the best I can do right now.  “Hello, Gammill tech, are you there…. HELP!”

Be blessed today in all you do!!


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  1. Life is funny, the minute it senses some good luck (your bowling winnings), it throws up an expensive obstacle (Gussie's temperament) that will use every dime of it.

    I hope the support team can help you repair the machine without making the lengthy drive.


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