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Monday, August 16, 2010

Good Friends, Good Food,…

But STINKY bowling!!  We really enjoyed the visit with our AR and MS friends.  We also ate at our favorite Mexican restaurant.  BUT, we both bowled terribly.  I got my average only 2 of the 9 games… that is pretty stinky.  I did manage to pull out a 207 for one game yesterday, and then turned right around and bowled a 97 in the next game.  Bowling was invented to keep us humble… and it does that to me regularly, and ESPECIALLY when I go out of town to bowl!!  But yet we keep doing this…. does that make any sense? 

The fun of renewing friendships and catching up on what is new with them keeps us going out of town a couple of times a year for these tournaments, and we are looking at adding a 3rd one sometime in the spring of the year.

Today will be spent wrestling with Gussie.  She has decided to start throwing loops on the back of quilts again.  I think she is rebelling because she knows IQ is coming… she’s jealous.  I have picked 25 loops from the back of the latest quilt, and will open up the “guts” of Gussie again today.  UUGGGHH!  I tinker with her, she is better, and then back to the same old tricks.  I MUST get this issue solved before IQ gets here… the clock is ticking…  25 more days!!

Got to run…. lots to do today.  I am hoping to actually get the Veggie Tales quilts done this week and I will post pictures of them.

Have a blessed week, and may the Lord prosper everything you set your hands to!


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