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Monday, August 9, 2010

Design Wall Monday

Aren’t these CUTE!!! They are for the twins my niece will deliver TOMORROW!! I would hurry and get them quilted, but since they are in Oklahoma, I don’t think they will exactly need to be snuggled in a quilt for a while… like maybe, FALL!100_2664

I LOVE Veggie-Tales, and these panels really caught my eye. I wanted something very bright and cheerful. These will be “using” quilts, and I think the twin girls will enjoy these funny and cute characters.


Hi, Larry the Cucumber… nice to see you again!


Bob the Tomato, don’t be so shy… show yourself!

And during the construction of these quilts there was a slight “oops” on my part. WHAT did THIS??


SURELY it was NOT ME! It MUST have been Panasonic’s fault (see below)!


I have NEVER left an iron sitting down on the ironing board in all of my fifty-plus years, but while working on this I was in a time crunch, and just walked away from the ironing board. Twenty minutes later I came back to the room to iron another seam and there was my iron sitting down. Yep, a great big scorch is left behind, but I am thankful that it does cut off automatically so at least I did not set something on fire!! SHEESH! I never cease to amaze myself at the ridiculous things I can do!

And also still on my design wall is the OB Wonder I showed last week. I’ve done some rearranging, but am still not completely satisfied with the look, so I will play with it some more.

Now you have read about my silliness and seen my project, so go to Judy’s blog and follow the links to other design walls. You will be amazed at what others are doing!

Have a blessed day, and please keep my niece and the twin girls in your prayers. They will arrive via C-section tomorrow.



  1. Oh Goodness Kat, these are adorable! They will love them!
    There must be a spirit that goes around and leaves that mark on our ironing boards. ;)
    Thank goodness for auto shut off. I'll never buy another iron without it.

  2. Those are so cute. I love this whimsical stuff.

  3. I am confident these will be treasured and used every single day. They are cute, cute, cute!

  4. We missed the veggie tales, but they sure are cute!

    At our last retreat one girl kept leaving the iron down all the time. She must have had a brain fart because no one had ever done that before, and she did it like three times that weekend!

    Glad there was no fire involved!


  5. Kat, the quilts are adorable. I'm sure the twins, and their mommy, will love them.

  6. I'm not sure who loved Veggie Tales more..me or my kids! I have seen the companion fabric, but not the panels! I will have to keep my eyes peeled for THIS treasure! So cute..and I love your setting...well done!

  7. What fun baby quilts! I'm sure they will be loved and well used for many years to come!

  8. Very cute and the song is running through my head now.."if you like to talk to tomatoes" I agree about the auto off irons, because I would have burned the house down long ago.


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