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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Happy Birthday to…

Katie Bug.  My darling granddaughter turned 11 years old today.  It is sort of sad in a way.  Grandchildren grow up way too fast!  It seems just a few years ago she was tiny.  She loved to sit and read, play games, work puzzles.  Now she is most attentive to the Nintendo DSi, her MP3 player, and the Wii.  I guess technology has done away with some things.  But I digress.

I was thinking today as I was working on her birthday cake, and really sort of bemoaning that my little honey is growing up.  And then, she arrived home from school and turned the TV to “Sponge Bob”.  Maybe she is not completely grown yet!  Her heart is still young, she is full of laughter and a quick smile.  I love looking at her smile.


After supper (Mexican chicken, at her request), birthday cake, and ice cream we plugged her new game for the Wii in… “Just Dance 2”.  She does so well, and her mom can do a fair job of it to.  We will NOT talk about how Granny does.  Let’s just say that most of the music I have never heard, and most of the “moves” they want you do to, my body no longer goes that way!!  It was a hoot!

So HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KATIE BUG!  But please slow down on the growing up… Granny wants to savor every moment I have with you!


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