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Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I have completed 14 blocks for Jeremy’s quilt.  I am trying to get one done each day.  When I lay them out, a couple of the ones I have made don’t seem to fit in this quilt, so I will probably be remaking a few.  I had second thoughts when I picked up that purple hound’s tooth check.  And the red/black/white hound’s tooth also jumped out, but I thought I was just being too picky.  I think they don’t belong in this quilt, but perhaps another one.  I need 25 blocks so I am well on the way with this quilt.

I also finally found the fabrics to use for the pieced sashing.  Hopefully they will be here tomorrow and I can get them washed and ready to cut.  I figure when I am tired of working on the blocks I can take a break and work on sashing instead.

Other retreat projects:  (I HAD pictures… I really did!  Due to a camera/computer mishap they have been lost.  So sorry!)

Mary Anne got the body of her Neptune jelly roll quilt done.  She has since completed borders and has already given it to me for quilting.  WOW!  This really almost WAS a “Quilt In a Day”!  I’ll post a picture after I get it quilted.

Debbie got all blocks made for her camp quilt, and has since gotten it all sewn together.  I’ll get a picture of this on our next retreat.

We really did accomplish a lot on this retreat, and we are planning another one as soon.


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  1. I have images in my head of the fabrics, and when you get the camera issues worked out, I hope that you will post photos of the blocks.

    You are over half-way on the blocks and will be finished before you realize it.


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