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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

UFO Progress

We are getting there!  I got 3 more blocks pieced today for a total of 21. 

 100_2935 100_2936 

BUT…there are a couple of “rejects”.


The purple block is rejected just because the colors don’t belong in this quilt.  The red/blue block is rejected because of the red fabric.  It is a very large-thread flannel.  I started not to use it when I was cutting the blocks out, and now I wish I would have listened to that inner voice.  The feel of the fabric and the “busy-ness” just bother me, so it will not be used.


Another reject…  the fabric I purchased for the pieced sashing.  The print looked more brown on the internet.  I do not like this… it looks too “Christmasy”.  I thought I would like it better after piecing some but today I decided it will have to go.

What I am really wanting is a brown/gold stripe fabric but I have not found that anywhere.  OH… and of course, I want it on SALE. 

So, after all of that we can deduce that I have 19 keeper blocks and only need 6 more.  They are cut out and ready to piece but it will be next week before I can get to them. 

I’m very pleased with the progress I have made on this UFO, and I should not have any problem finishing the piecing and getting it quilted by the end of February…. provided I can find the FABRIC for the sashing!

Have a great weekend!  And next week I will post my sock progress… you will be surprised!


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  1. It's always wise to listen to your inner voice. You will be finished with this UFO in short order.


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