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Friday, January 14, 2011

Updates on Many Things…

I am so sorry the blog has suffered from lack of attention lately.  I’ve had lots of IDEAS for blog postings but just have not gotten them down on paper… errr, keyboard!  And of course, you KNOW about the love/hate relationship I have with the digital camera.

UFO PROGRESS:  I have 16 blocks and half of the 348 half-square triangles needed for the pieced sashing.  That is PROGRESS!  I will use the HSTs as “leader and enders” while piecing more blocks, so I will be working on both piecing blocks and piecing sashings at the same time.

SOCKS UPDATE:  I have finished a pair in Oct, Nov., and Dec.!  January’s pair is coming along nicely… I am almost through with the gusset decreases and then I can just knit around the legs.  I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my new knitting book, Personal Footprints for Insouciant Sock Knitters, by Cat Bordhi.  (Thanks to DH… the book is an anniversary present for putting up with him loving and caring for him for 20 years come Feb. 15th.) This sock method has NO HEEL TURNS!  I can’t wait to see how she does this.  Reports I have gotten from a friend who uses this method says they are very fast to knit.  That’s what I want!!  I move along pretty fast until I get to the heels, and then things slow to a snail’s pace.

MOM UPDATE:  We are still waiting to hear from test results and the doctors in Houston to see if they will perform her heart surgery.

PRAYERS NEEDED:  Our family is really saddened at the loss of my little niece this morning.  She was born very premature (24 weeks gestation) on Tuesday evening and weighed less than one pound.  Although we knew the odds were against her, you always hope for a miracle.  I pray for God’s peace to surround my sister and BIL.  We know this tiny child is now with the Father, and we will get to see her again.

Have a blessed week, and give your spouse/child/grandchild/niece/nephew or ANYONE you love a hug this week… Life is so precious, and so much taken for granted.



  1. Words cannot mend the tear your niece's passing left in your family's hearts, but may your faith provide peace and healing.

    I haven't heard of Cat Bordhi's new book. Thanks for the title. Please share your impressions on this new method of making socks.

  2. I'm so sorry Kat. Sending hugs and prayers.

    Your DH buys gifts like mine does. :) Can't go wrong there. I am anxious to hear about this too.

    I've missed you...post when you can.

  3. Oh, Kat, so sorry to read of the dear baby girl's passing, but not saddened that she is in God's hands. My prayers are for all who are hurting.


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