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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

10 Things You Might Want To Read About…


1.  Ice is good entertainment for children living in the deep-South!  It was just a sleet and ice mix (thankfully not enough to cause power outages or damage to our pine trees), but Katie Bug really enjoyed bundling up and playing outside.


Large sheets of ice are cheap entertainment!  “Snow Days” are rare here, so she really enjoyed her unscheduled day off school.


2.  Ground deer meat is yummy!  We ground and packaged 55 lbs. of deer meat for the freezer last week.  We have some mixed with bacon, some mixed with beef tallow, and some just plain for using in chili, sloppy joes, and spaghetti sauce.  This is the last batch ready to go in the freezer.  It was an all-day job between the set-up, grinding, and clean-up.  WHEW!  Glad that is done.

3.  My Cat Bordhi socks are making slow progress.  I have ripped out 1 completed sock and 2 that were up past the ankles.  I am still struggling to get the perfect fit, but now know where I went wrong.  Hopefully this next one (which is almost to the ankle line) will fit better.  The problem is NOT with her technique or instructions… it is with my INTERPRETATION of the instructions.  After reading the directions for starting again for the umpteenth time, I think I am now on the right path (hopefully).  For those of you that knit with small thread and needles you know how painful it is to rip out hours and hours of work… try doing that 3 times!  UUUGGGHHH!

4.  Life is busy.  Out-of-town bowling last weekend (and I did WELL!!), and in-town bowling tournament this weekend (not so well), bowling again last night (so-so results) for regular league.  I am busy trying to get all my ducks in a row because…

5.  Mom is having heart surgery tomorrow (Wednesday) in Houston.  All prayers for a great outcome and quick healing are greatly appreciated, as well as prayers for safe travel for all of our family that will be going that way.  That means my schedule (and posting) may be very erratic for the next several weeks.  Please bear with me… I promise to get back to regular posts as soon as we get past this bump in the road!

6.  Quilters are making quilts!  Once again I have lots of quilts coming in the door, and I am very thankful for that.  If perhaps one of those is YOURS, please understand that it might be a couple of weeks before you get it back (even though some of you were told I could get to it right away).  I promise to get back to work as soon as possible.

7.  More cold weather on the way and perhaps more freezing stuff, too.  YUCK!  SPRING, HURRY UP AND GET HERE!!  We usually have flowers blooming by Valentine’s Day, but something tells me they may be a little late blooming this year.

8.  Thank the Lord for a wood heater and a man that likes to cut and split wood! 

9.  No time for piecing right now, so no work is happening on Jeremy’s quilt.  Therefore I am REALLY behind on my UFO challenge.  It will be there when I can get to it, and the world won’t stop if it is not done soon.  He may get this NEXT Christmas!!

10.  (Because 10 is a good number to round out a list)                 Psalm 145:3 (KJV) 
    Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised; and his greatness is unsearchable.

Be blessed, and have a wonderful week!  



  1. What a great list. I'll be at your house in an instant to help you eat some of that deer meat. I LOVE the taste. I used to play with ice, too, while waiting for the school bus. Nothing but good thoughts and prayers for your mother and your family. I sure this is a really stressful time. Post when you can -- we'll be here waiting for you.

  2. Large sheets of ice are entertainment for 20 year olds as well...lol
    My daughter was so fascinated with all that ice, etc......me...I did NOT care to see ANY of it.
    We have ground deer meat too. We like it best for tacos :)

  3. Just now reading your post and sending up prayers for your Mom. Hope all is going well. The deer burger looks delicious! Sorry it's cold enough for sleet and ice but there is nothing wrong with a snow day. :)


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