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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Top 10 List of Why I Have Not Been Blogging…

10.  Blame it on Mom!  After spending several days in Houston with her to give my step-father a rest, I was worn out!  Mom  is now home from the hospital and doing well.  Isn’t it amazing that only 11 days after having open chest surgery they send you home??

9.  Blame it on Mom…  while staying with her in the hospital I picked up a not-so-nice bug.  (Yes, I DID wash my hands every 5 minutes, but this germ must have been persistent!)

8.  Blame it on the CRUD.  I had an appointment (made 3 weeks ago) for a wellness exam yesterday.  Good thing!  A shot and three prescriptions later, I am much better. 

7.  I am wimpy.  I can’t REMEMBER the last time I was sick because, I just don’t get sick!!  Yesterday was spent in the bed, and I did not even feel like knitting.  Now you KNOW I was feeling cruddy!

6.  The weather here has been beautiful and we have spent some time outside walking and going to the pond.  Katie Bug loves to fish.

5.  Blue/gray socks completed.  These are the ones that I had to rip out 3 times before I got it right.  I think I need a 12-step plan for over-knitters.


4.  Jeremy’s quilt now has 1 more block completed.  That’s little progress, but it IS progress.

3.  Quilting on customer quilts.  I am not super-busy right now, but I know things will pick up soon.

2.  Being the social butterfly that I am (HAHA!) I have had several engagements on my calendar that have caused me not to post.


1.  The next pair of socks. 100_2961 (HMMM… still thinking about that 12-step plan!)  I am still not convinced about the Cat Bordhi technique.  I like it as a whole because it knits up much quicker than doing normal heel turns, but I am still struggling with fitting the heel.  And I also need to adjust the leg fit.  That is what happens when you have a long, wide, high-instep foot, narrow heel, thin ankles…  but you have probably heard enough of my personal foot problems.  Maybe I am too picky?

Hopefully I will be back in my normal (whatever THAT is!) routine now and will  be posting more frequently. 



  1. Wow, if I was hit with all of that, I'd be laying low, too.

    Glad to hear that your mom is doing well.

    I love both pairs of of socks. What brand of yarn is the latest pair (pink/gray/blue). I really like that colorway.

    Put your feet up, sip a cup of tea, and continue to rest. Life will catch up with you soon enough.

  2. You have been busy. Love your socks! I'm glad to hear your mom is doing well.

  3. I'm glad you posted, I've missed you. Good news about Mom-and the rule is to always blame the mother. ;)
    Love the blue/gray socks and the pink/gray too.
    Hope you are feeling better soon! No fun being sick.

  4. Hi Kat - go glad to hear the good news that your mom is home again. And remember....normal is where you are at the moment!


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