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Monday, February 28, 2011

Quilter’s Prerogative…

It is a quilter’s prerogative (which my dictionary defines as “an exclusive right or privilege”) to change her mind!


I searched high and low for the missing binding fabric.  I did finally uncover it…  stacked UNDER a pile of other things.  I know better!  BUT in the searching I also found THIS fabric.  So I thought, “MY…. that would make a nice binding too, should I not find the stripe.”


So here is the dilemma…  which to use?  Both work well, but the practical person in me says use the stripe… I bought it for this purpose.  The free spirit in me says this Kaffe fan print is perfect for a cute binding and really brings out the other colors in the quilt.

Every quilter that wandered through my house got posed the question of which binding to use.  Admittedly, that only involves 2 other quilters, but we reached a consensus.  We all 3 chose the fan print!  So, the stripe will go back into the stash to be chosen as the perfect fabric another day. 

I love it when I am willing to move with the moment, exercise my prerogative (that EXCLUSIVE right or privilege), and be pleased with the results.  It is even better when others confirm that you are doing the right thing!

So, GO FORTH AND EXERCISE YOUR PREROGATIVE TODAY!!  It is a very freeing thing to know that most decisions are not etched in stone, and we are free to move as the Spirit leads!

Be blessed today!



  1. Yes, Kat...I am blessed today. And thanks for the reminder that to change our mind!!! to keep sane!!!is okay.

  2. I am working on almost the same colors myself! Love it!



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