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Friday, February 25, 2011


Somewhere…. deep in the recesses of my office/fabric storage room, is the PERFECT multi-colored stripe fabric for binding THIS quilt!!  Yesterday I trimmed the edges, then went to get the fabric.  I was going to get this project OFF my to-do list.  HAHA!


I know the fabric is there…. I purchased it over a year ago.  I have drooled over it on regular occasions, tempted to use it for something else.  But no, I was strong.  It was purchased to bind my Kaffe Fassett quilt, and that is exactly what it will do!

Evidently on one of those drooling fests, I did NOT put it back in the storage tub with the rest of the Kaffee fabric.  Now I need it.  Now I can’t find it!  UGGHH! 

I WISH I WERE BETTER ORGANIZED!!  Flylady says that my problem is, I am a perfectionist, and since I don’t have time to organize everything “perfectly” I procrastinate until I do (have the time to clean/organize everything perfectly) and it seems that time never comes.  I am not convinced.   I am a perfectionist when it comes to quilting and piecing.  The rest of life, well, everything can’t be perfect!100_2963

So, today after I get a few small areas of a quilt ripped ( a few “less than perfect” areas where IQ bumped into the belly bar and flattened the bottom of some rows… a rookie mistake that I KNOW better than doing!) and put back in the machine, I will commence the great SEARCH FOR THE PERFECT FABRIC THAT I HAVE ALREADY PURCHASED THAT NOW RESIDES   SOMEWERE IN THIS TOTALLY DISORGANIZED ROOM!

I think my only hope is to empty the room out and start fresh…. and I’ll do that as soon as I have time to do it perfectly!  (Seriously, I’ve been planning on doing that for over 2 years now!)  Oh Flylady, what else have you figured out about me, that I have not discovered myself??


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  1. I like the design you picked for the border: it makes the purple fabric come to life.


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