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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Things You Can’t Do With One Hand…

Some activities require 2 hands.  Here is a short list of things you can NOT do with one hand… and sore ribs.

1.  Button your jeans

2. Zip your pants

3. Hold the jar of syrup while you twist the lid off

4.  Cut sausage on your plate with a knife

5.  Dry your back after your shower; put deodorant on your right underarm

6.  Hold onto your underwear while trying to step into them

7.  Hold a wiggling, clawing cat while the wife tries to shoot medicine down its mouth

8.  Roll over in bed without moaning loudly and then laughing at yourself for being in this condition, thus waking your spouse

9.  Cough or sneeze without regretting it

10.  Get your own ice pack at 1:30 in the morning



Now none of those are complaining on my part, more like poking fun at him.  Thankfully he has a very good sense of humor and more thankfully, he really is a VERY good patient and follows the doctor’s orders without whining.  Keeping the hand elevated and covered with an ice pack around the clock are helping with the pain. 

You may ask, “What happened?”  Long-story-short, he had a fall yesterday morning while hauling fire wood.  It is impossible to break your fall when you have wood in both hands, so he landed very hard on his left wrist and also landed with one stick of wood under his left arm.  The doctor says the wrist is dislocated and possibly broken.  He will see an orthopedic doctor tomorrow.  The ribs… broken or bruised, and very painful. 

This all means rather than “playing” around on the farm, he is spending time watching western movies on TV.  He probably needed the rest anyway!



  1. Hope it's not broken and he's heals quickly.

  2. Ouch! It is hard to be a good sport when hurting. Sending good wishes for a speedy recovery your way.

  3. I was going to get busy on the front porch just as soon as the firewood was done.....


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