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Sunday, May 29, 2011


My day started well… but then when I arrived home from church I discovered that once again life is changing.  It is inevitable, but none-the-less change is not always welcome.


I decided I needed some “sewing therapy” and proceeded to paper piece the tiny (2” finished) Roman stripe signature blocks our quilt group will be exchanging in August.  Yes, that is right… I will be AHEAD of the game for a change, rather than getting them done at the last minute.  I started with 23, I made a piecing error early on, and then made a cutting error when trimming the finished block;  that leaves me 21.  Thankfully I only need 18, but you never know how many times I will mess up when trying to sign these tiny blocks!


While sewing I decided some comfort food would surely improve the situation, and chocolate ALWAYS helps!  Brownies and a pitcher of lemonade were fixed.  More comfort food… pizza was fixed for our supper.  And of course, DH did not fuss about having brownies with his coffee, and pizza for supper.  My problems have not gone away, but my stomach is happy!


And now I think I will get in bed and read a good book.  Did YOU read these when you were growing up?  I LOVED Nancy Drew, and Katelyn has been reading this one aloud to me, a chapter a day.  She is not going to be back for several days, and I MUST know who screamed at the end of the chapter she read to me yesterday.  I think I’ll just go find out.  Nothing like light reading to take your mind off things.

Change is coming, like it or not.  It is not in my control, so we will just adjust.  I’m so thankful there is One Who is the same yesterday, today, forever,  (Hebr. 13:8) and He will see me through whatever comes my way.

Have a blessed week!



  1. Katelyn will treasure the memories of reading aloud to you and develop a life-long love of reading. I have fond memories of reading Nancy Drew books.

    I don't deal well with change, so I understand your anxiety of the one looming on the horizon. Comfort foods definitely help soothe those feelings, but only briefly. No words of wisdom from me, just understanding.

  2. Kat, I STILL love Nancy Drew! I even own the recent movie. Its not as good as the books, but works in a pinch when I need something to watch while I sew. I'm not fond of change myself. My family is known to tell me quick and then RUN! After I have a bit to ponder and pray, I get things in order. Sometimes its NOT pretty! {{{{hugs my friend}}}


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