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Monday, May 9, 2011

What IS that STENCH?

That is the question I asked when I entered my quilting room this morning, ready to do a day’s work.  It really smelled like something had died nearby, which is not unusual.  I closed the window and turned on the AC assuming the smell was coming from outside.  I’ll fix THAT!  HAHA!

Living in the country has its rewards and its pitfalls.  Sometimes woodsy critters meet their demise in our yard.  Occasionally this is intended by DH (as in critters eating what is in the garden… Those pesky rabbits that have mowed down our green beans and now started on the corn better beware because he will soon be in hot pursuit of you!).  Sometimes it is not intended.  PJ may corner a possum at night and the possum usually looses the encounter.  Sometimes DH forgets to pick up said critters in a timely manner and we get to enjoy their fragrance, which then notifies me it is time to inform HIM that I have enjoyed the fragrance enough, and the critter he forgot is asking to be given a proper burial, or tossing, or something far away from the house.

Closing the windows made the smell worse.  I assumed that something had crawled under the house and died.  YUCK!  Then I remembered the mouse trap, which we set in my quilting room about 8 MONTHS ago when I saw some evidence that tiny rodents had been checking things out in there.  The trap was behind some things in a corner, completely out of sight and out of mind.

BINGO!  And GROSS!  In this heat and humidity it does not take long for decomposition to begin and smells to arise.  I won’t gross you out with pictures for this post… you REALLY don’t want to see that do you?

I tossed the trap, mouse and all, out into the yard per DH’s instructions.  He will deal with the rodent when he gets home later.  I sprayed the room with Bath and Bodyworks room scent.  Now the room smells like coconut-vanilla with heavy undertones of dead things.  The quilt I just took off the machine and folded up will now be unfolded and aired a bit.  I don’t think the customer would appreciate the addition of dead rodent smell to her quilt.

I’m back in business, but cringing each time I walk into the room.  As soon as I finish the quilt in the machine now, I will open windows and leave the fan running in there to help evict the smell.

OK… 6 paragraphs about a dead mouse is enough.  Back to work for me!  Have a blessed day, with no dead rodents!



  1. Been there and done that a few times. I tried all kinds of mouse traps and by far the worst ones to dispose of were the glue traps.

    Open those windows and enjoy the fresh air.

  2. EeeeWwww!!! Mice......skin crawling, yukky, nasty little critters. And now I will ad stinky nasty ikky to the list. EeeeWwww!


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