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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Decisions, Decisions

Tomorrow will be a vegetative (lazy) day for me after church.  I plan on doing much of NOTHING!  I have worked so hard this week at various things that I am just worn out, so I will truly make this Sunday a “day of rest”.

But I have a dilemma… which project to work on while vegging out in my Lazy Gal chair?  I have several opportunities for getting a lot done.  First there is NASCAR… that is good for a short while.  DH records the events, then fast-forwards until he sees the yellow-light symbol at the top of the screen.  He backs it up enough to see the crash several times, then proceeds to fast-forward to the next yellow light.  If there are not lots of crashes he can turn a 4-hour show into about 30 minutes!

The second opportunity comes tomorrow night.  I will be cheering Dallas on to victory (hopefully) in the NBA Finals game.

HMMM… I also have 2 projects that need my attention.  I have about 3/4 of 1 side left to hem on Jeremy’s quilt.  I would really like to finish that up, but boy is it HOT dealing with that!  Our temps tomorrow are supposed to hit 100, so I think I will crank the AC   WWWAAAAYYYY down so I can stand to work on the quilt.  Then I would love to knit on the second green sock.  I have finished the foot/heel, and have reattached my needles and made the opening for knitting the leg (Cat Bordhi’s technique).  If you have not tried this method of knitting socks, I highly recommend it!

So, just MAYBE I can work on BOTH of them.  I may even get a little sewing done on one of my projects in between the 2 shows.  I have great plans… we will see how things go!

Be blessed!


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