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Monday, June 13, 2011

How Hot IS It?


WWAAAAYYYYY TOOOOOOOOO HOT!  This was taken on the front porch in the shade.

We have had several days of 100 degree temps, and more are predicted.  Hold on here… let’s look at the calendar… Yep… we are still in SPRING here.  Did someone forget that SUMMER has not officially arrived yet?   UGGGHHHH!  Too hot to do anything outside unless you do it early in the day.  Temps this high usually occur in August in our area.

Our local TV station’s weatherman informed us today of THIS wonderful news….  We are in an EXCEPTIONAL drought in the area where I live.  That was the highest of the 3 designations, with the lowest one being SEVERE drought, EXTREME drought, and our area with EXCEPTIONAL drought.  That is because (as he also informed us) we are 30” behind the expected rainfall for this area in the last 18 months.  Did you read that?  30 inches, my friends.  And the outlook?  No rain in sight.

I think I will take my hot, tired self into the kitchen now and stand over the pots of boiling water.  WHY?  Despite the drought DH has managed to keep some of our garden alive by watering EVERY day.  Today he picked corn, crowder peas, and 2 tiny pods of okra to drop in the peas.  Supper will be good tonight!

PROGRESS REPORT:  As predicted, I did manage to work on both of my projects during yesterday’s lazy-gal events.  I FINISHED hemming Jeremy’s quilt and made good progress on my other green sock.  WOOOHOOOOO!  Nothing feels as good as finished… especially since I have been working on Jeremy’s quilt for about 9 months now.  Need I mention the irony of that number… it took that long to bring him into the world.  Well, actually it took 10 months, but you don’t want to hear the story of how FUN it was being pregnant for 10 months!

Enough ranting, complaining, whining keeping you informed of our current situation and other things you don’t want to know.

Be blessed, and a prayer for rain in our area would be much appreciated!


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  1. Yikes, it is early to have such temperatures.

    I hope you get some relief soon with cooler temperatures and drizzly days.


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