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Friday, June 17, 2011

A Really Neat Quilt (and other STUFF)


Isn’t it absolutely gorgeous?  This antique quilt top was purchased  at an estate sale by a friend.  I absolutely love the funky fabrics, which I am guessing are probably from around the 1960s.  It is hand-pieced, and for the most part, nicely done.  (Who in their right mind would try to machine-piece this pattern with all those set-in seams?)  There was some fullness in some of the blocks, but for this pattern and the time period (pre-rotary cutter days) it was wonderful! 


I spent over an hour looking through the Barbara Brackman Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns to find the name of this block.  I FINALLY found it, only to discover it is an UNNAMED block… sheesh… what a disappointment and waste of my time!   Why didn’t SOMEBODY give this wonderful block a name?


And on the sock front… the green socks are DONE!  I just finished weaving in the thread tails, and I am ready to move on to the next pair.  (Speaking of which, only 2 people have voted on which yarn I should use next.  PLEASE go to the previous post and vote!!  Pretty-please!!  I will probably be casting the next pair on tomorrow, and I would love to have your input!)


There… you can see the pattern better when I am NOT using the flash.  I am LOVING this pattern, easy to remember as I am working along, and the cuff is just stockinet stitch and is intended to roll on the top edge.  For this cotton yarn it is the perfect pattern!


We have been busy this morning!  DH picked and shelled peas, and I have processed them.  Six more bags went into the freezer.  The crowders are all getting ripe at once in this extreme heat (104 degrees yesterday), and perhaps we will get some purple hulls, or maybe not.  I am putting as many as I can in the freezer to have this winter.  YUM!

I must run… lots to do this afternoon.  PLEASE go to yesterday’s post and pick your favorite sock yarn!  THANKS BUNCHES!


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  1. I'm glad the quilt went to a good home - someone who appreciates the work that went into the blocks. Did you machine quilt it for your friend?


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