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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

So Close…


I’m so close to finishing the green socks I can taste it!  That wonderful feeling when you bind off the last stitch and weave in the last thread tail… I’m almost there.  Just a few more inches of cuff on the second sock and it is done.

I promise a better picture when they are finished.  WAIT!  Before  I can model socks I MUST shave my furry legs.  Oh well… it is probably time.

By Friday, these will be seen ON MY FEET!  Stay tuned!  Now I am off to put on my nightgown, turn on the TV and knit until I decide to go to sleep.  Life is good when the needles are clacking along, making progress on a sock.

Next up… (you KNOW I can’t go without a sock on my needles) is a wonderful hand-painted yarn, and I can’t decide which one to do.  On the far left is “Pony Ride”, and on the right is “Tree Fort”.  Top to bottom in the middle is :  “Cartoons”, “Berry Patch”, and “Tiger”.  HMMM… It appears SOMEONE has been doing a little too much yarn shopping lately!


So , 5 choices…  Which  one do YOU think I should use next.  I will let my readers decide, so be sure to give me your opinion by Friday, because you know just as soon as the green yarn comes off the needles I will cast the next yarn on!

Thanks for your help, and in the event of a tie I will let DH pick between the top 2.

And I’m OFF… I can taste it, that wonderful “FINISHED” feeling!  I must go get closer!



  1. I would choose Tree Fort but most likely will change again IF all those yarns are at my fingertips.

  2. After the green, it is time for some color: Cartoons is the one I would select.

    My needles always seem to have socks on them, too. How many pair do I need?

  3. I'll vote for tree fort! Although it was a very hard decision... Pony Ride and Cartoon were pretty close.
    Had a great time tonight! Be blessed tomorrow!

  4. I vote for Berry Patch -- those purples are gorgeous!


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