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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Change Gone Bad

SHEESH!  I just wanted to give the blog a “fresh look”.  I was tired of looking at that same background and header photo.

I struggled with this for several hours yesterday, replacing the background and trying to get a new photo to load in the header.

I am none too happy with the results… the background will be changed ASAP because I do not like the texture where the posts are… who wants to read THROUGH a checkerboard?  It is really tough on the eyes.

The photo is the photo I wanted, but only the left half of the photo shows.  It is a sunrise on the marshes, and was an absolutely perfect beginning to our day when we went fishing in south LA several months ago.  I tried re-sizing it and then posting, but I can’t get it to load… blogger informs me there is an internal error, which I assume means it can not retrieve the photo from my computer. 

It was an exercise in frustration, but today sometime I will try again.  For sure what is there now needs some work because it just does not work together.  Please bear with me while I redecorate… you know how frustrating home remodeling can be?  The same goes for a blog overhaul!!

Have a great day and be BLESSED!


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  1. The photo problem may be the width of the header; perhaps, the photo is wider than the space allowed and it is having difficulties resizing it.

    You'll get the kinks and bugs worked out in no time.


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