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Thursday, July 23, 2009


I know, I know... you are thinking, "She's begging for followers, and then she stops posting!". Please accept my apology if you are one of my new followers and are SICK of looking at the FOOD pictures from retreat!

I promise THIS AFTERNOON I will load the quilt-finishes pictures from retreat and WOW will you have some eye-candy!

Of course, that will be AFTER a busy day of quilting... I think I have customer quilts stacked everywhere, and I must do something about that today! Because...

My SIL TWISTED MY ARM and is MAKING me go on a mini-shop hop tomorrow. (Yeah... right...HAHA!) The invitation was to join her and my niece on this trip. We will visit 3 not-so-local quilt shops and then make a run to "the Big City" to visit Sam's Club... My list is long.

Truthfully, I need more fabric like I need a hole in my head, BUT... the fellowship will be fun, I'm sure we will find a great place to EAT, and I can window shop (SURE!!!! You KNOW I won't buy anything! HAHA!).

So... off to quilt. I'll post again late this evening and share retreat finishes.

Have a wonderful day, enjoy this little bit of cooler weather, and count your blessings today.

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  1. Happy Shopping to you all. Can't wait to see all those pictures.


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