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Friday, July 10, 2009


Late this afternoon I remembered that I was supposed to paint fabric for the give-away! So here are pictures (not very good ones, because it was late and I had to use the flash) of 4 different pieces I painted today.

It was lots of fun, but I had to wrestle with a couple of cats when I laid this out on the screen porch to dry... sure hope they are not curled up on it napping tonight! The blobs you see in the pictures are rock salt... this causes the paint to really be intense where the salt sits.

Tomorrow when it is dry I will take the salt off and heat set the paints with my iron. I may also add some glitz to one or two of them with a sea sponge and some pearlescent gold or silver paint... just a little is all that is needed to add interest and slight sparkle to the fabric. Then it will need to dry and be heat set once more. Then they are ready to be washed. Once washed they have the same hand as regular fabric.

I was really pleased with the colors... hope you like them too.

Does this look like something YOU would like to have? One of the rainbow colored ones will be given away so be sure and sign up below on the July 2 post.

The give-away includes the rainbow basket from the earlier post, 1 yard of rainbow painted fabric, and 5 coordinated fat quarters.



  1. I tried to leave a comment but blogger didn't like it so I'm trying again. :)
    Your fabrics are fabulous. I have yet to try painting or dying fabrics but I admire, buy and hopefully win!!


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