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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fabric Bowl for Give-Away

Would you like to have this? Hot off the machine, I made my second fabric bowl today using the techniques I learned in a class taught by Jamie Wallen. I really like the rainbow progression! I also decided to leave off the handles on this one. It is stitched with metallic gold thread in the bobbin and Pixelles neon in the top (the "top" actually becomes the inside of the bowl).

Jamie's technique is really easy and neat because there are no raw edges! These are really fun to make! He is working now on a DVD that teaches his method. I'll let you know when they are out because as part of our class we will get one.

Interested in having this basket in YOUR sewing room? Register for the give-away on the July 2nd post to my blog. More goodies to come... I'm planning on painting fabric on Friday.



  1. Aren't they addicting! I bought out all the cording at the local JoAnn's so I could make more. Shhh! That's what I've giving everyone for Christmas! Love your colors!! Thanks for the thread details, I'll have to be more creative with mine. And yes, it's more fun in blogville now that we have a face (and voice) to our names!! ko

  2. Is Jamie's method the same as the book called "It's a Wrap" that has been out for several years????? You use clothesline and wrap the fabric around it..... I love the colors you have used.

  3. Thanks, Ronda! HMMMM... I'm not sure if it is the same or not. We used clothesline, made piping, trimmed,wrapped it into a spiral, and sewed. It was load of fun!! He did mention that his method you do not have raw edges sticking out, and you really don't even see the raw edges of the fabric when done.


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