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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Have You Missed Me?

I've been so busy quilting I just have not taken the time to post! I had planned on posting pictures of what I've been up to, but I don't post customer quilts without getting their permission first, and I have been unable to contact her! I'm sure she won't mind, so once she gives the OK I'll post pictures of the custom feathering I did on a small red/white quilt. It was a very simple pattern - just 9-patches and bow ties, but the way it was set together created a very interesting flow of one block into another. You'll understand when you see the pictures.

It seemed like it took forever to quilt because we have been having thundershowers move through this area almost every day, so about the time I would get going well on it, a thunderstorm would move through and I would have to shut down the machine. That seems to cause me to lose all momentum for the day, and it is very difficult to get started up again. I think it actually took me 3 days to finish this quilt with the storm interruptions!

I love the creative flow of custom quilting, but I don't do much custom quilting for customers (and I'm not complaining... I just don't make any money on those because I am slow and meticulous, which means I make about $3/hour!).

Also done this week was a very old star quilt (probably 60s fabrics), hand-pieced. It was really a challenge because it was coming apart in many places. The quilting won't win any awards, but I was able to stabilize the quilt to where hopefully it will last for a long time with gentle care.

And then I've also done 3 quilts with pantographs last week. So you see, I really HAVE been busy!!

Now... off to pin in another quilt. I don't plan on quilting any more today, but the next one will be ready and waiting!

Have a blessed day!

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