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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Cleaning Out... UGH!

OK... You all KNOW how I procrastinate. If you need proof, see THIS BLOG ARTICLE from the past. Today I am really making myself do something I have put off for months now... I am cleaning up/out my office/sewing room. It seems to be the catch-all room in my house for those little things that I can't decide where they should go (Just stick it in there... I'll put it up later. Yea, right... we all know that later has a hard time coming at my house!). I guess that is because since getting the 2nd sewing machine I prefer to piece/sew at the dining table where I have plenty of room. Of course, I also prefer there because it is such a MESS in my sewing room!

I considered showing you a "before" picture, but I was honestly too embarrassed at how bad the room has gotten. I DO plan on showing an "after" picture, but that may take a while as I only have small spots of time to work on this. I'm taking the "Fly Lady" approach to this. I'll get as much done today as I can, and then each day I will work 15 minutes on it. Eventually, it will get done!

THEN, I plan on re-organizing my fabric stash. I washed all of my new (in the last 3 months) purchases this week and was shocked by what I discovered! For some reason I have been on a fabric buying binge lately, and I have very little time to piece! So why am I doing this??? I've got to change my ways and get around to working with what is in my stash.

You know, I really think getting the Jelly Rolls is what started this. You have to have "just the right border fabric" to go with them, and that means going to quilt shops, and that means that even though you may not find exactly what you are looking for you see all these other wonderful things that call your name. And they are very hard to resist!

I seem to have run out of steam as I was working on this today, so I am taking a lunch break and then will get back to work, hopefully with a little more energy and a lot more accomplished. Maybe if I dangle a bribe of CHOCOLATE under my nose it will help keep me moving on this.

I promise to post pictures of the red/white customer quilt tomorrow sometime. The customer is back home and I must get her 3 quilts boxed for mailing first thing Monday morning. Since the Post Office in the small town we have moved to does not open on Saturdays (that took some getting used to!) all such activities must be done M-F.

Have a wonderful day, and tell me, what are YOU accomplishing today? It feels really good to actually write it out sometimes (plus that gives a little bit of accountability when we have written down what we are going to do).


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  1. Whew...you have been a busy quilter/cleaner/organizer. I haven't posted lately either. BUT I am working on a paper-pieced project. Very tedious, but I enjoy the results. I'll sneak in some pictures soon (I hope). Happy day to you.


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