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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Diane's Red and White Quilt

As promised, here is Diane's Red and White Quilt. Diane tells me the pattern came from the December 2005 "Quilters World" magazine. The magazine titled it "Christmas Dreams". Just looking at it, you would not believe there are 2 block patterns that create this wonderful look... 9-Patch and Bow Tie. Yep! That's all!

I think you can zoom in by clicking on the pictures. If you start looking in the lower corner on the one below you can clearly see how the 9-Patch (all of which have red outsite corners... no light-cornered block are used) and Bow Tie come together to make this design. Who would have thought???

Can you tell that I LOVE to quilt feathers? This one has them everywhere!

The border treatment is a technique borrowed from Carla at Feathered Fibers. She really has some great quilting shots on her blog! She has her own special flower design she puts in there, but it just did not fit these narrow borders, so I improvised.

And of course, my favorite shot is on the back. I did not get a full shot of the back, just this folded version. What was I thinking?? Obviously, I was NOT thinking at the time!!

So here you go, Diane. I hope you enjoyed this sneak peek at what is coming to you in the mail!


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