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Monday, August 24, 2009

AWOL Again...

I'm so sorry I have been AWOL from Blogville... I seem to be running 5 directions at once (Is that possible? N, S, E, W... ). There is... quilting, church, quilting, birthday party, quilting, another birthday party, quilting, church, quilting.... you get the idea.

I'm up to my eyeballs in customer quilts and a supposedly "quick" project I am working on to give to someone. It really does go quickly, but ONLY if you sit down and work on it... just walking by and looking at it does not get you anywhere!! I'm hoping to get the rows joined and borders on today but ONLY if I get back in there and finish the customer quilt that is in the machine. (Pictures coming soon, but get your sunglasses out... it is BRIGHT!) Then of course, there is bowling tonight, so things shut down early for that. SIGH...

I'm not complaining, I am BLESSED to have so much business, but it does cause me to get rather frantic sometimes.

So that's it, and I deeply apologize to those who keep clicking on the link to see what is new and nothing new is posted! I'll really try to do better, but I think I have something EVERY weekend in September, plus quilting like crazy...

Who said retired folks have NOTHING to do?? I think I'll flog them with jelly roll strips!


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  1. I'm rejoicing that you have too much to do AND feeling your pain at the same time. Ahhhh retirement, what a life.


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