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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

YUM!! Moda Sweets!

YUM YUM! Look what the UPS man dropped at my house! I absolutely LOVE Moda pre-cuts!! I have done a couple of quilts using them and have several more in the works. My latest order includes layer cakes... this will be the first time I've used those but several of my friends have whipped up some wonderfully quick quilts with them.

In this shipment we have: (jelly rolls) Miss Jumps Scrapbag, Spring Magic, and Wonderland.

(layer cakes) Hello Betty 30s, and Wonderland

They all have WONDERFUL fabrics in them and I can't wait to get started (forget finishing up any more UFOs... JELLY ROLLS ARE CALLING!!).

It's terrible what these new things do to me... I am SUPPOSED to be finishing up my bookkeeping today (which as usual I was several months behind on) and entering my business mileage (which I have not done since the first of the year), BUT instead here I am dreaming of what I can do with these yummies...

At least THESE sweets don't go straight to your hips!!


PS: Local quilters, if you need any of these sweet treats give me a call to reserve yours... same great price as usual. Also, I still have a few IMQA calendars for sale.

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