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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Guys Will Be Guys...

Life on the farm can get very interesting. I'm busy cleaning my sewing room (see previous post) when I am interupted...

RING RING: (Me) "Hello,"

DH: "UM... would you please get in the jeep and come down to the barn, then go down to the big green gate, go through the gate, down to my deer stand, cross the creek, etc. etc., and come help me get the tractor out of the creek."

Yep, you read right.... TRACTOR in CREEK!

So I ask..." How did this happen?"

DH: "It's all PJ's fault (our recently adopted dog). She ran in front of me and I dodged her, and ended up in the creek."

ME: "OK... be right there."

RING RING: "Hello,"

DH: "You might want to bring your camera for blog pictures."

HMMM... This must be interesting, so I grab the camera and head out. Does he really want the evidence captured on film (UM... I mean DIGITAL media)?

I cruise past the barn, through the gate, down to the creek... no sign of him. I hang a right, go to the other end of the pasture where the creek is accessible... no sign of him.

DRAT! I forgot to bring my cell phone so I could call him and get further directions! While contemplating whether to go back to the house and get the cell phone, I hear him holler. I go that way... I follow his directions and cross the creek, go through the pasture, and this is what I see.

How to get it out??? Our trusty Jeep, winch, and a small tree (to keep the Jeep from moving forward) all work together to retrieve the tractor from the creek.

Hook the cable to the tractor...

I operate the winch, he handles the tractor... making progress!

It took a few minutes, but it worked. And now the truth comes out... I guess most guys have told the tale that they were dodging a dog in the road when they ended up in the ditch. Most dads don't fall for that excuse when their teenage son tries it because they know better. It seems he was backing up on the creek crossing he had almost completed constructing when a tire slipped off the edge, and the tractor kept sliding further and further as he tried to get it out.

So sweet PJ is innocent! She receives a doggy treat as an apology for the story that was told on her. I'll know better than to believe that story NEXT time.

All's well that ends well!



  1. Glad you grabbed the camera otherwise, I wouldn't have believed you?? Still not sure you didn't stage this just to have a little drama on your blog!!

  2. These husbands are always up to something for a little attention!
    And sweet little innocent PJ... Ha, Ha.
    Isn't it wonderful to live in the woods, have a very handy husband, be retired, and be able to make a trek to the woods to make a rescue? What a blessed life!
    Love you...

  3. By the way, great worship and exhortaion today!


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