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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Bug Sisters Visit Farm

We have visitors! The "Bug Sisters" (better knows as Haley-Bug and Katie-Bug) are visiting with us this weekend. We had a full schedule of activities planned and I am worn out after being camp director all day... but we have had FUN!

We started with sewing pillowcases this morning. Actually, we started with basic sewing machine lessons... this was Haley's first time to sew on a machine. We began with sewing on paper, 1/4" seam around the edges. She caught on to this pretty quickly.

Although Katelyn insisted she was an "expert", I quickly discovered that she needed a refresher course because it has been a long time since we sewed. So she also got to sew around folded paper, and she remembered very quickly about how to handle this.

We cut, pressed, folded, and layered the fabrics according to directions. Here is Katelyn pinning layers together, preparing for sewing.

Let the sewing begin! Haley has fun sewing for her first time, and she did a wonderful job!

Katelyn is really "intense" when sewing... very focused (unless the TV is on) and carefully maneuvering around the fabric stack.

I had planned on serging the inside seams so we did not have to mess with French seams. The serger was not my friend today... I started on Haley's but when I got to the thick seam intersections it caused needle flex and a bent needle. Changed needle, same thing again. After wrestling with the thing for about an hour and being very tempted to say not-so-nice-words, I finally decided French seam would be just fine... so that is what we did.
And they are done!!

Other farm activities today... making chocolate chip cookies, helping Grumps give PJ a bath, eating watermelon, Grumps giving them rides on the 4-wheeler.
Tomorrow... church, lunch, going to visit my Mom, and then taking the girls home. What fun they are! This was our last summer blast before school starts.


  1. Great pillow cases and the girls look so happy. It is so nice to see these young girls sewing. The cookies sounds good too.

  2. Question - why did you start the girls sewing on paper? Will it harm the machine (since i don't have a basic sewing machine for the children - uuum, I should not have them use the machine but need to buy a basic machine). plus, is 7yo to young to start?

  3. Aren't grandbabies fun!!!! I actually wish I could have been a Mai (the name my grands call me) first. My oldest granddaughter and I went to Quilt Camp when she was about 8 or 9 and she made a quilt (my job was to handle the rotary cutter) that was "exhibited" in Jacksonville Quiltfest! It was entitled "Flower Power" ---the girls pillowcases remind me of it. She used an actual sewing machine and handled it well. There were girls that were younger in the class as I remember--I think you had to be at least 7. Actually as I think about it, I may ask my girls if they would like to make pillowcases for christmas as gifts.


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