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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Jungle Is Jumping Tonight!

We are having a BLAST! I have taken lots of wonderfully incriminating pictures to share with you. Tomorrow I will share more project pictures. It seems everyone started new projects on this retreat so we are a little slow getting things finished, but tomorrow will see lots of things completed.

Today we have... gone to a quilt shop in Montgomery, TX, ate at the Rabbit Run Cafe (YUM!). Since returning we have done a lot of quilting. And tonight was our first meal cooked by Chef Charles... YUMMO! I'll try to remember to take a picture of the meals tomorrow... he REALLY does do a great job of feeding us.
And this is his wife, Janet. She checks in with us during the day, admires our projects, and talks about very interesting things. Tonight we found out about "letterboxing", one of their hobbies.

BUT the highlight of the evening was the "jungle dance". Each evening at some point decided by Fearless Leader, the music to "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" is played. Remember this is the SEWFARI, so the music is our theme song. When the music starts, we are all SUPPOSED to get on our feet and dance. Yesterday it was an animal imitation dance, and each participant got a tiny animal to place on the top of their sewing machine. Tonight, participants in the Congo Line got animal tattoos! Note I said PARTICIPANTS.... (A COUPLE of us did not get a tatoo... no play, no tattoo!) This event was captured on video... now if I can just figure out how to load it...YOU'LL get to see it, too!

We posed for group pictures, and now back to quilting into the wee small hours of the morning. Tomorrow will totally be for quilting... no Fabric Aquisition Road Trips (FART for short) are planned. Tomorrow I will also share more great blackmail, ummm... I mean CANDID photos. Stay tuned!



  1. I read your post with a smile :-) It is clear you are having much fun!! Can't wait for the pics!


  2. Puh-lease tell me mom got a tattoo! And Puh-lease tell me its a tiger. Hahaha. You girls have fun!


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