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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Git ‘er Done!

Forgive me, Larry the Cable Guy, but I am actually accomplishing something and I need to celebrate it!

I finished up all customer quilts in the house and decided that Monday would be MY day to get a quilt done.  And then it dawned on me… I have SIL quilt retreat at the camp next weekend.  And one of the projects on my UFO Challenge list was the quilt made to go on “my” bed at the camp.  So…why not just get that thing done?

I got the quilt put in the machine this morning.


Thread was chosen.


Bobbins were wound.


Quilt pattern was selected.


I got back from town this afternoon and decided, why not just go ahead and let Inetta and Gussie go to work on it?  So I did.

I’m telling you all, a modern-day miracle is about to happen at my house.  I may actually FINISH one of my UFOs.  I mean, it has just been 3 MONTHS and I haven’t finished anything yet!  Of course, life did get in the way of my schedule but I make no excuses.  I almost decided to post a retraction to my participation in the UFO challenge since I was so far behind.  I am so glad now that I didn’t.

The binding will be made and stitched on after church tomorrow, then stitched down by machine.  This is a “using” quilt and not one that I am crazy in love with so machine binding will be just fine.

WOOHOO!  I will have 1 UFO checked off the list!  And guess what I am working on at SIL retreat…  Jeremy’s quilt.  I am making progress.  About half of the half-square triangles for the pieced border are made.  His birthday came and went, and the quilt is not finished.  I told him it will now be a “First Day Of Squirrel Season” quilt ready this fall.  After all, he doesn’t need a quilt this time of year in the South anyway!

AND… since the quilt is being done today, I just may get to work on something ELSE on Monday (like hand-quilting that customer quilt I showed you a few days ago).



  1. Can't wait for the weekend.

  2. Great job!

    I love that quilting pantograph.

  3. You are good! Now...relax and enjoy the moment before you forge on!


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