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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sock Quandry

You KNOW I am hooked!  100_2969

I did finish my pair of socks for March on the 10th of the month, but I am not really pleased with them.  I do love the yarn, but as you can tell, they are not the same!  There were only 2 balls of this yarn on the store shelf  and I did not think to check dye lots, but they must be from different ones.  It almost doesn’t even look like the same yarn.  Of course I threw away the label from the first ball when I finished the sock so I have no way of knowing now what the deal was.  The sock on the bottom is the one I knit first.  I tried to find the same color spot on the second ball of yarn when I started.  I thought I did but as you can see they turned out very different!  It almost looks like the 2nd ball was reverse-wound, but on each of them I started from the center of the ball of yarn, so I just don’t get it!  I do love the feel of this yarn… it is just  a little heavier than the other sock yarns I have used and I think it will be warmer. 

I don’t think I will be buying any more of this yarn due to the color issue and the difficulty making the 2 socks look the same.  I will still wear these because after all, no one will even notice this unless I take off my shoe, hike up my jeans, and say “LOOK AT THIS!”.  It is a personal trend toward perfectionism in some areas that drives me wild, but I just can’t help it!

I am still working with the Cat Bordhi technique and liking it more and more.  I plan on doing a critique of her book in a blog post soon, perhaps next week.

SOOOOOOO… since I was totally disgusted with those, I immediately cast on another pair using Felici self-striping yarn  (from KnitPicks.com) and here is my progress.


Felici has such a wonderfully soft feel… sometimes I just sit and squish the yarn ball and enjoy it!

Yep, I feel a 2-pairs-of-socks month coming on!!  And of course I am already planning the next pair.  And considering ordering more yarn.  They just come out with new color-ways in Felici, and I MUST get some more!!  What?  Did you say, “But what about the other 12 different sock yarns you already have in that tote?”  I’ll get to those later.

Hooked… totally hooked!



  1. Hey! I have that yarn! Love them!!! I thought I was the only one that squished the ball of yarn. :)

  2. Both pairs are wonderful. I wondered it the top pair was wound in the skein differently, and it sounds like it was your suspicion, too. No matter, because mismatched socks are all the rage now.

  3. You weren't kidding! Hooked, hooked, our gooses are cooked! My goal is to be able to knit socks by the end of the year. For the record, squishing yarn is proven to be healthy for one's spirit!

  4. So beautiful!!! You're doing a great job on the socks.


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