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Monday, March 28, 2011

Today In A Nutshell

Today I will…100_2992

1.  FINISH (I hope!) the hand-quilting on this customer quilt.  It seems every time I turn it over I find another spot that the quilter (not me!) missed.  This will take most of the day I think.  It will be wonderful to get it done.  Then to find fabric for the binding…. I feel a F.A.R.T.  (Fabric Acquisition Road Trip)coming on!  Friday, as part of the SIL Quilt Retreat we will be going to Hemphill, TX.  I’m sure I can find something there.

Yes, I DO have TONS of blue fabrics in my stash, but this is a king-size quilt and will require almost a yard to do the binding.  I only have a few things in my blue stash that are at least one-yard cuts, and none of them work for this.

2.  A little crafting will be going on.  I can’t tell you what I am making right now, but if you read the blog of a famous quilt teacher that loves to use recycled SHIRTS, you may already know.  I’ll fill you in when they are done.  You just might want to make one, too!


3.  Waiting for a call/email from my IQ dealer.  Gussie and Inetta decided they did NOT want to play nice together.  Thankfully it is MY quilt in the machine.  We have narrowed the problem down and hopefully today or tomorrow will have the issue solved.  I think I jinxed myself by declaring to the world that I WAS going to get a UFO finished this month.

And, on another note… last night at 10PM I finished these socks!  They turned out so cute!


And last night at 10:05PM I cast on THESE socks.  Yep… hooked. 


In my defense, I must remind you that my days of knitting wool yarn are very numbered.  I just can’t work with it once the hot weather gets here, so I am rushing to get as many wool socks knit as I can.  I will soon have to switch to cotton blend yarn.  I have 2 different cotton yarns in my stash so I am set up.

That is life in my corner of the world today…  What’s happening with YOU?


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  1. Wow, you have been busy.

    Love the socks - such fun colors.


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