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Friday, March 25, 2011

Waning Willpower

I tried to be strong… I really did.  Yesterday while IQ was stitching I was working at the computer.  I finished my task… Idle minds are the devil’s workshop!  I got to thinking…

I really NEED some more knitting needles so I can get 2 pairs of socks going at one time.  (I know…. that sounds like I am HOOKED on knitting!)  And JUST in case something were to happen to ONE of the needles I have, I would be dead-in-the-water until I could order another one and wait for it to get here.  (We are in the boonies with no yarn/knitting supplies anywhere near.)

After this purchase I need to block knitpicks.com from my computer for a while.  Four new sock yarns will soon be heading my way. 

Felici 1

Oh, my friend Felici!  Your wonderfully soft squishiness is so enticing to me!

Felici 2

OH… and of course the 2 different sizes of knitting needles.  Since I use 2 circular needles (knitting one sock at a time) it would be terrible if something happened to one of them, and I HAVE had that.  Just let me say that size 1 needles can and do bend when you cram them into a knitting bag that is not quite large enough for your project.  Voice of experience talking here.


Ahhhhh… Stroll handpainted… your beautiful interweaving of colors delights my senses as I zoom through knitting socks!


And also on my list of supplies arriving…. those wonderful yarn darning needles with the bent tip.  I keep loosing my darning needles. 


They creep out of my package when I am not looking.  Perhaps they blend in with the woodwork when I set them down on the end table next to my chair.  I have lost 2 packages recently, so I just ordered 2 more.   I am currently using a needle the size of a size 4 knitting needle to weave thread tails… not a pretty picture!

Note that I am not affiliated with knitpicks… just a VERY satisfied customer.

Hurry up knitpicks!  Since I chose free shipping it will take about 10 days for my package to meander from Washington state all the way down to LA.  That is OK… I have plenty to be doing but I am so anxious to have some new yarns to squish and drool over.  Don’t say it!!! (I have plenty.)  




  1. I love my Knit Picks needles, especially for sock knitting because the cables are so flexible. I also use the bent-point tapestry needles for weaving loose ends and for grating toes. The bent tips are great for the kitchner stitch. I just wish it didn't take so long for the order to arrive.

  2. Oh my friend, you are so darn funny! Ya know, back in the day when Connecting Threads had their retail store here in Vancouver, WA, it was my favorite place for to shop. Oh how I miss them! Less than a 1/2 hour drive and I was in quilt supply heaven!
    I am not buying any more yarn! I have enough to last me a long time! I'm not going to the website, I'm not looking (too long) at the emails, No I am not!
    Hugs to you! May you wait be a short one.


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