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Friday, April 13, 2012

About Yesterday…

1.  Yesterday I totally blew off working.103_0446

2.  We went kayaking/fishing in our favorite spot.

3.  I asked DH to remind me to take pictures because I have been forgetting to do that.

4.  The fish were not really active, or so I thought.

5.  The weather was beautiful and so pleasant to be on the lake.

6.  Five hours in a kayak is very doable when the weather is awesome.

7.  It was pretty windy, but we dealt with it.

8.  DH reminded me to take photos before we loaded everything up.

9.  I think he did this because he out-fished me (again).103_0449

10.  He kept 22, and I kept 10.

11.  That’s OK because last trip I out-fished him.

12.  Of course, he did not remind me to take pictures of THAT trip!

13.  Every chance we get to go this spring we will.

14.  Because soon, the weather will be hot and miserable, and 5 hours in a kayak will be a very L-O-N-G day.

15.  Now, back to work today, making up for lost time.

16   .  It was SOOOOO worth it!



  1. Any day spent doing something you love is a good one! I'm glad you had great weather and a good time. Now, enjoy those fish.

  2. Doesn't matter whose pole they came from, they'll still cook the same in that hot grease!
    But I am glad he caught the most so we can see pictures of the catch of the day!


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