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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Good News / Bad News


I love to carry my sock knitting in this little bag (made by my niece).  It has a long strap and I can just sling it over my shoulder… very handy!  Today I was heading for an appointment (and running late, of course) so I grabbed my purse and knitting bag, slung them over my shoulder and dashed out the door. 

Being distracted at my age can cause all kinds of things to happen!  I noticed that my cell phone was completely dead, so I hopped in the car, closed the door, and plugged my cell phone into the charger.  Then I happened to think, “Where is my knitting bag?”  I thought perhaps I had left it in the house because it was not on the car seat with my purse.  Can you tell I do things on “auto-pilot” sometimes and they don’t even make a mental impression?  I opened the door to go get it and discovered I had the bag on the other shoulder, and because it hangs down so far, I had closed the car door on my bag.


Yes, we have a casualty.  Knitting needles can not win the battle against a car door.  This is not the first time I have done this, and it is a most disturbing (and expensive) mistake.  Thankfully I have an extra set of needles this size.


The good news… I am almost done with sock pair #4  for this year.  Just a little TV time tonight (Hello, Dancing With the Stars) and I will have these finished.

And the pair for next month…. already cast on.  I am going to once again try the 2-socks-at-a-time method and see if I have better luck now that I am more proficient at sock knitting… we shall see.

Perhaps I need to tie a knot in the strap of my bag to shorten it a little?  Maybe that will keep it from doing battle with the car door, again.



  1. Oh no, what a terrible thing to happen when you are rushed. Glad that you found another needle so quickly.

    Great job on finishing four pair of socks already this year.

  2. Bad news first is a good thing. It's more easily forgotten, then we can get on with the good news. And, I love your good news....new socks!


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